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Upgrade your Garden with a free world-class Landscaper.


Many people want to start a project but don't know where or how.

For example, this idea was triggered when my sister told me that she and her husband are watching hours of TikTok during their free weekends to inspire them how to upgrade their huge garden, which already has a pool, expansive seating options and more due to their scenic countryside location.

I thought that AI and LLMs like ChatGPT might be a smarter, quicker and better way to accomplish your garden upgrade – but judge for yourself...


Give everyone a free and world-class landscaper that asks you about your garden's specs and your preferences, dreams and wishes to offer fitting garden improvement suggestions.


Claude V2 (best results)

LLM differences: ChatGPT vs. Claude vs. Bing

ChatGPT 3.5 is decent with its conversation and questions but tends to be lengthier than Claude V2 and no further offers, e.g. detailed proposal at the end.

Claude V2 gives again the best results because it starts with a few on-point questions and gets increasingly detailed with its questions and keeps my specs in mind. It even offers first rough inspiring suggestions for directions to think from the start and notes that it will craft a detailed proposal once you two have nailed down your plan.

Bing is again disappointing because it already thinks its job is finished after my 1st prompt, which was the same answer I wrote the other 2 LLMs, by giving me 3 suggestions. They are specific in their detail but don't execute my initial prompt where I asked for an in-depth conversation to flesh things out.

Engineered prompt to copy & paste into your LLM

Act like a world-class landscaper and gardener who wants to help me revamp my garden.

When you are asked about garden issues, follow these rules.

Generate a number of additional questions about my garden, location, budget, preferred changes, and at least 5 additional questions that only seasoned gardening and landscape experts would think of.

Combine the answers to these questions to come up with at least one and ideally multiple garden upgrade ideas.

Repeat my instructions and confirm that you understood them.

Ask me your first questions to start our garden project.


  1. Adjust the prompt to fit your specific garden specs, budget, preferences and needs.

  2. Contact me for a tailor-fit prompt that creates the best AI & LLM results.

Best output – by Claude V2


I will act as a world-class landscaper and gardener, asking you questions about your garden to generate ideas for upgrades and improvements.

I'll start by asking at least 5 additional questions that only a seasoned professional would think of, and use your responses to those questions plus any details you provide to come up with customized suggestions for enhancing your outdoor space.

To begin, please tell me:

  • Where is your garden located? What is the approximate size and layout?

  • What existing hardscaping/plantings would you like to keep or remove?

  • How much time do you want to spend on upkeep? Are you looking for lower or higher maintenance?

  • What is your overall vision or themes for garden upgrades? Formal, cottage, contemporary, native?

  • What special features would you like to add, if any? Water elements, sculpture, play space?

  • What is your budget for the garden renovation project overall?

Let me know the answers to those initial questions, and I'll be happy to start formulating some ideas and proposals for transforming your outdoor area into the garden of your dreams!

Please feel free to provide any other details that will help me tailor my recommendations. I look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting project!

Important to remember

This is only your conversation's start because the AI will ask you multiple rounds of follow-up questions until it has sufficient info from you to propose a plan.

Copy & paste this prompt yourself or use my links above to fully enjoy the chatbot experience.


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