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AI Innovation Strategist,
Creative Director & Data Scientist

Ex: BBDO, DDB, Publicis, Razorfish, and more.
BMW, VW, IKEA, Vodafone, Snickers,100+ Brands & 6 Successful Startup Launches.
New Projects & Challenges Welcome

🚀 I believe AI will change our world more than the invention of the PC and Internet. 

🤖 We'll experience the next Industrial Revolution, which will reshuffle all our lives only comparable to the one 150 years ago – and upgrade the prospects of all who engage with AI.

🎯 That's why I'm looking for a new perm challenge to lead a Generative AI department in an Ad agency or supercharge a marketing department in a High-Tech or AI company.

🏆Accomplished and dedicated Creative Director with 20+ years of expertise in the Advertising industry who handled up to 120 million annual ad accounts and worked in permanent employment on 3 continents.

🦅 International Freelancer with over 100 companies experience and many successful startup launches, e.g. the best rolled out in 13 countries, got 8 million VC funding, 401% Kickstarter success, over 50 industry requests, and over 250 PR hits.

🧠 Confident in ability to contribute to team success through an advanced skillset that combines creative work, business strategy, data science, IT & AI know-how. 

🧭 Comfortable adapting to change and finding creative solutions to unexpected problems.

👫🏼 Committed to continuous improvement and building a collaborative team environment.

Skills & Strengths

👷 Prompt Engineering & Generative AI

📈 Sales & Results-driven

🔎 Insights- & Detail-loving

🤖 AI, LLM, Digital & Online Literacy

🎨 Creative Direction

💰 Business Strategy

🌎 International XP (USA, EU & Asia)

🎯 Mission-driven

🧠 Critical & Analytical Thinking

🫱🏾‍🫲🏻 Devoted Team-player & Leader

👄 Native Bilingual (DE & ENG)

💡 Creative Problem-solver

🐍 Python, SQL & Matplotlib

📊 Data Visualization

🍎 Apple iWork, MS 365 & Google Tools

🏆 24 international Creative Awards

Professional Experience

Innovation Strategist, Creative Director & Data Scientist

Freelancer 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇳🇱🇬🇧🇺🇸

2014 – to date

  • Collaborated on ~200 bookings for ~100 clients in 7 countries.

  • Led up to 35 ppl teams as Creative Director.

  • Co-created campaigns as a Copywriter with multiple Art Director partners as creative teams.


Creative Solutions

  • Created thousands of creative concepts, hundreds of film scripts, and guided dozens through production on marketing budgets of up to €120M annually for brands like BMW, IKEA, M&M’s, Mars, Mercedes, Sky, Smart, Snickers, Vodafone, VW, Wrigley’s, etc.

  • Facilitated corporate keynotes for 25+ years on software, creativity, strategy, AI & LLM that turned hesitant teams into enthusiastic users at BBDO, DATEV, E.ON, etc.

  • Succeeded explaining ChatGPT & Dall-E to 75+ year-old rural parents & relatives.

  • Transformed business to save nightclub during 1.5 years of COVID lockdowns: Invented new revenue streams with 0 investment by utilising location, existing tech & free tools as pay-per-view streaming provider, mastering 95% revenue loss, retaining 35 staff & fulfilling $15K rent.

  • Empowered Advertising agencies to win ~75% of new biz pitches since 2005 – e.g. Activision/Blizzard, BMW, Konami, Lime & McDonald’s.


Tech Expertise

  • Upskilled with AI & LLM know-how to build new, customer-centric services: AI brand tonality analysis; AI copy internationalisation with intercultural shitstorm prevention & impact optimisation; AI target group avatars for idea validation & brainstorming.

  • Devised how to upgrade companies in 1 day with open-source LLM+RAG systems to utilise company data with AI tools & benefits; Invented 60 use cases & configured 12 tools for non-tech staff in 21 days & under 50€ to improve marketing, support, R&D, etc.

  • Systematised Data Science research to filter perfect Seattle homes from 21K listings in 2 days via 26-page report; Improved Tanzania’s tourism ROI in 4 days by using Python, Matplotlib, Machine Learning & various DS libraries to filter and model data to create 39-page report with 28 data-driven marketing ideas.

Successful Go-to-Markets

  • Spearheaded 13-country rollout of COBI e-bikes in 3 weeks – achieving 250+ international PR hits, 8 B2B deals, 401% Kickstarter funding & €9M VC investments in 6 months, acquisition with full management buy-in by Bosch 2 years later. 

  • Supercharged BEAT EM HUB gaming event startup DACH kickoff – attaining dozens of requests & became top organiser in weeks; Procured bookings to stage areas on up to 30k ppl events, e.g. re:publica, Games Week Berlin, Melt & Splash Festival.

  • Directed & shaped Commerzbank’s 360x fintech launch – enabling 2-week rollout & portfolio growth into 3 new, tokenised markets.

From German Junior Account to International Business Creative

Perm Ad Agency Jobs 🇩🇪🇭🇰🇨🇳🇫🇷🇭🇺🇬🇧🇺🇸

1998 – 2014

  • Serviceplan, Munich / Senior Creative Concept & Copywriter / 2013 – 2014

  • Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg / Senior Copywriter / 2011 – 2012

  • Publicis, Hong Kong / Associate Creative Director / 2010 – 2011

  • Scholz & Friends NRW, Düsseldorf / Copywriter / 2009 & Senior Copywriter / 2010

  • BBDO, Düsseldorf & New York / Copywriter / 2007 – 2008 & Junior Copywriter / 2005 – 2007

  • Philipp & Keuntje, Hamburg / Junior Copywriter / 2004 – 2005

  • DDB, Berlin / Junior Copywriter / 2003 – 2004

  • 4 Ad Agencies / Junior Account Executive & Copywriting Intern / 1998 - 2002

IT Business Engineer Apprentice

G.I.V. mbH, Munich 🇩🇪

1996 – 1998

  • Started 1st ever perm job in IT – with dual learning on the job and via German commercial education from IHK.

  • Advised customers as 1st & 2nd-level-supporter to master our business software with Internet integration.

  • Helped as marketing assistant create assets, execute promotions, utilise MS Office's advanced features for serial, automised letter personalisation and printing, etc.

  • Developed and staged workshops in clients' offices with up to 30 attendees – all alone at the age of 19.

  • Explained and sold products and services to new and consulted existing clients on computer fairs, e.g. the CeBIT in Hannover, SYSTEMS in Munich, etc.

  • Improved our products, bettered UX & troubleshot issues – collaboratively with engineering team by utilising my gathered customer feedback.

Junior Computer Nerd

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

1984 – 1986

  • Kickstarted PC understanding with 2 friends – at the age of 7 years.

  • Mastered Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and IBM PC, running MS-DOS 3.0, 4-colour CGA, no HDD & 2x 5,25" drives.



     Education & Schools

✨ Multiple GenAI courses (Google, Vanderbilt, etc.)

📈 Bachelor of Science in MaCom (Bavarian Academy)

✏️ Copywriter (Texterschmiede/Hamburg School of Ideas)

💾 IT Business Engineer (Chamber of Commerce/IHK)

📱 Social Media Manager (Comcave College)

📊 Data Scientist Bootcamp (Spiced Academy)

💪🏻 Fitness Trainer (DBFV)

🥕 Nutrition Consultant (DBFV)

👨🏻‍✈️ Drone Pilot (self-taught)

🎬 Adobe Premiere (self-taught)

Data Analysis of Real-Estate Market


Find top home options from 21,000 Seattle listings.



I used Data Science to analyse real-estate database and create a 26-page report in 2 days.



I filtered out dangerous hoods with additional crime data, reduced shortlist to 10 homes, highlighted top 3 options with visuals, coded an interactive HTML map and used AI to create a 1-minute "A day in your Seattle life" video to showcase the city.


I'll get back to you ASAP!

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