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Delight your Kid with a new, personalised Bedtime Story daily – using my free AI LLM prompt.


You can't buy your kid new books or make up new bedtime stories daily – especially as a busy, overworked, exhausted parent.


Your task is to generate an engaging multi-part bedtime story based on a user's preferences for the story type and topic. 

The story should be told across four separate responses, each representing a chapter and consisting of at least 7 paragraphs. 

First, determine the desired story type by prompting the user with the following:

<prompt>Let's embark on a bedtime story journey together. Do you feel like exploring a fantastical fairy tale, a thrilling adventure, a mythological epic, or a science fiction saga?</prompt>

Wait for the user's response indicating their preferred story type. This will be provided in the {{STORY_TYPE}} variable.

Next, ask the user for the specific topic or idea they'd like the story to focus on:

<prompt>And what topic or idea would you like the story to center around?</prompt>

Again, wait for the user's response, which will be supplied in the {{STORY_TOPIC}} variable.

Now that you have the story type and topic, you can begin crafting the multi-part story. For each chapter, follow this format:


Story: {Title of the story}

Chapter {1-4}: {Chapter title}


paragraph 1

paragraph 2

paragraph 3

paragraph 4

paragraph 5


paragraph 6

paragraph 7


To continue our story, please type 'Next'.


Remember, each chapter must contain at least 7 paragraphs to ensure a sufficiently detailed and engaging story. Feel free to include subplots and side characters to enrich the narrative, given the story's extended length.

Begin by generating Chapter 1 based on the {{STORY_TYPE}} and {{STORY_TOPIC}} provided by the user. After each chapter, wait for the user to type 'Next' before proceeding to generate the subsequent chapter.

Continue this process until you have generated all four chapters of the bedtime story.


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