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Accelerate Your Ad Approvals with AI

Reduce review time by 80% & errors by 95% in 3-4 weeks.

Our AI Ad Approval solution is the game-changer for streamlining your marketing. Say goodbye to tedious manual reviews & costly mistakes. Our AI checks layouts for brand guidelines & specifications – minimising errors & maximising efficiency.

Empower your teams, boost productivity & maintain a consistent brand across all channels.

Overcome Your Business Hurdles


77% of brands suffer from off-brand layouts & tonality.*


5-10 wasted hours weekly for marketing teams' correction loops.


10-20% more revenue if brand assets are on-brand.


(*Results by Luccidpress study, which asked 452 executives.)


Our AI Ad Approval Solution tackles the notorious productivity drain of manual, repetitive & error-prone Ad material reviews.


Unlock your team's potential by automating this tedious task.

Simplify Complex Brand Guidelines 

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial, but navigating extensive guidelines can be daunting.


Complex rules for logos, colours, typography, and more - it's a mammoth task for your marketing team and agency partners.


Our AI solution decodes these intricate guidelines, ensuring flawless adherence without sacrificing valuable resources.  

Sad Reality of Human Ad Reviews


The traditional advertising approval process is a vicious cycle of back-and-forth between brands, agencies, and vendors.


Each new material requires meticulous human review, feedback, revisions, and re-submissions - an incredibly time-consuming and costly affair.


This repetitive, error-prone process is prime for AI automation to boost accuracy and turnaround times.

Benefit 360° from AI Ad Approval

For Marketing Employees:


  • Accelerate ad reviews and approvals 

  • Reduce manual workloads through intelligent automation

  • Ensure consistent brand application across all materials

  • Gain valuable insights into advertising performance 

For Partners & Vendors:


  • Faster approvals for submitted advertising assets

  • Clearer understanding of brand guidelines and expectations

  • Detailed AI-driven feedback for continuous improvement

  • Strengthen partnerships through efficient collaboration

For Your Brand:


  • Maintain a cohesive, powerful brand image worldwide  

  • Drive sales with more effective, on-brand advertising

  • Gain a competitive edge through optimized promotions

  • Access in-depth data analytics on ad performance

Experience Tomorrow: UX of Pilot


Best Safety, Speed & Scalability

Configuration 1

Small Pilot Project


  • Quick and cost-effective pilot implementation 

  • Connect to industry-leading language models like GPT-4

  • Start optimizing ad workflows immediately

  • Data privacy assured via Microsoft's Azure servers

Configuration 2

MVP with Data Ownership


  • Upgrade to open-source multimodal AI for more customisation

  • Full data control and advanced fine-tuning capabilities

  • Seamless integration with existing processes 

Configuration 3

Enhanced Future Solution


  • State-of-the-art AI models for unparalleled accuracy

  • Powerful dashboard with real-time ad insights

  • Reporting suite for advertising and vendor analytics  

  • Continuously enhanced through AI model evolution  

Empower Your Future Marketing


Enjoy a Sneak Peak into Our Demo

Try Our Limited Demo Version

We​ created an OpenAI GPT with limited functionality, which you can try out for free – if you have a ChatGPT pro account:


Click here to launch our Audi brand guideline GPT demo.

Contact Our AI Experts Today

Joanna, Erik & Elias happily await your call or email, if you desire info, have AI questions or want to order your AI Ad Approval solution.​


Contact my colleagues via their AI consultancy Labsbit.AI – and – me via my quick menu links for email and phone.


Data Analysis of Real-Estate Market


Find top home options from 21,000 Seattle listings.



I used Data Science to analyse real-estate database and create a 26-page report in 2 days.



I filtered out dangerous hoods with additional crime data, reduced shortlist to 10 homes, highlighted top 3 options with visuals, coded an interactive HTML map and used AI to create a 1-minute "A day in your Seattle life" video to showcase the city.


I'll get back to you ASAP!

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