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Upgrade your Telecom brand with Benchmark ideas.


Our World is speeding up and due to our global networks, everyone can know everything all the time, if you make an effort to keep up with what your competitors are inventing and launching 24/7/365.

That's one of the main reasons the average life expectancy of e.g. Fortune 500 companies shrunk from 75 to under 15 years.

Complacency is not an option anymore if you want to stay successful.


Benchmark the best ideas from around the world and apply them to the various touchpoints of the customer journey for the telecommunications industry.

Engineered prompt to copy & paste into your LLM

Act like the world’s best CEO, CTO and CCO.

1. Analyse all PDFs to understand what the current marketing benchmarks are.

2. Select which are the 3 best ideas you find for each of the following Customer touchpoints:

a) Products b) Advertising c) Social Media d) Dealerships e) Websites f) Digital Services g) CRM h) Price Policies i) Brand Partnerships

3. Apply each of those 3 ideas for each touchpoint to the telecommunication industry and its touchpoints.

4. List your ideas similar to the above Customer touchpoint list.

5. Format every idea like this:

<<letter and name of Customer touchpoint, e.g. „a) Products“>>

<<idea number in this category, e.g. „Idea 1“>>

<<idea in one sentence>>

<<best case idea you found with the brand name in one sentence>>

LLM differences: Claude vs. the World

Claude V2 is the only LLM I used due to its 100,000 tokens and 100 MB limit. This is AI LLM prompt and outcome is my result after my 1st test, which I could have further improved upon, but I'll keep those skills to myself and paying customers 😉

This whole post took me less than 2 hours: from coming up with this idea to gathering my benchmark files, structuring the AI input, engineering my LLM prompt, creating my AI car image with and writing this post.


  1. Adjust my prompt example by feeding it your own benchmark data, e.g. PDFs from Cannes Lions, Most Contagious Annuals, Dentsu Creative Trends, Webby Awards, Julian Cole, BBH Labs, Wunderman Thompson's 100 Creative Trends, etc.

  2. Contact me for a tailor-fit prompt that creates the best AI & LLM results.

Claude V2 output (best & only LLM that could handle input)

Here are my 3 best ideas applied to the telecommunications industry for each customer touchpoint:

a) Products

Idea 1: Offer a range of phone plans tailored to different generations, like senior-friendly plans with larger buttons and text.

Best case idea: Telenor EasyGo plan for seniors has large, easy-to-read buttons and text size options.

Idea 2: Provide home internet packages bundled with streaming services and smart home devices to position the provider as the central digital services hub.

Best case idea: Vodafone Red Entertainment plans bundle Netflix, Spotify Premium and an Amazon Echo Dot.

Idea 3: Launch an eco-friendly phone made from recycled materials that can be traded in to upgrade to the latest model.

Best case idea: Orange launched the Sanza phone made of recycled plastic that can be traded in.

b) Advertising

Idea 1: Run an emotional campaign showing how the network provider keeps families connected.

Best case idea: Verizon's "Humanability" campaign focused on human connections enabled by technology.

Idea 2: Sponsor relevant cultural events like music festivals to associate brand with entertainment lifestyle.

Best case idea: T-Mobile sponsors Live Nation concerts and offers ticket deals to customers.

Idea 3: Partner with gaming influencers and esports teams to promote 5G capabilities.

Best case idea: AT&T sponsors esports organization Team Liquid.

c) Social Media

Idea 1: Host regular Twitter chats and Reddit AMAs for customers to engage directly with network technicians and IT experts.

Best case idea: Vodafone UK holds weekly Twitter Q&As with their service team.

Idea 2: Launch TikTok dance challenges and Snapchat AR lenses themed around new products and promotions.

Best case idea: A Fortnite dance challenge promoted Telcel's PlayGo 2.0 plan.

Idea 3: Share relatable meme content that pokes fun at common cell phone problems.

Best case idea: T-Mobile's #PhoneFail Friday meme series humorously highlights phone issues.

d) Dealerships

Idea 1: Set up experiential flagship stores with immersive displays showcasing the latest network technology and innovations.

Best case idea: Telekom's technology-focused Future Stores.

Idea 2: Offer customers the ability to trade in old devices for credit toward new purchases.

Best case idea: AT&T offers generous trade-in credits on new smartphone purchases.

Idea 3: Train staff as technology gurus who can educate customers and match them to the ideal devices and plans.

Best case idea: Verizon's "Tech Experts" guide customers at each store.

e) Websites

Idea 1: Provide online shoppers with a simple plan finder quiz to match them to the best phone plan.

Best case idea: TDC Group's "Find Subscription" quiz matches customers to tailored mobile plans.

Idea 2: Design an intuitive interactive coverage map displaying different network speeds by location.

Best case idea: EE's online coverage checker lets customers view 4G and 5G availability by area.

Idea 3: Offer customers online appointment booking with in-store technicians for device set-up and troubleshooting.

Best case idea: Vodafone Australia lets customers book Phone Support appointments online.

f) Digital Services

Idea 1: Launch mobile banking and contactless payment services through provider's app to centralize digital lifestyle.

Best case idea: Telcel offers mobile banking, payments and other financial services via their app.

Idea 2: Develop AI chatbots on website and app to handle common customer queries and requests.

Best case idea: DT's AI bots handle 30% of customer queries on Telekom Deutschland website and app.

Idea 3: Provide enhanced network security and identity protection services for customers' digital safety.

Best case idea: Verizon offer security services like spam call blocking and identity monitoring.

g) CRM

Idea 1: Offer loyalty programs that reward customers with free data, device upgrades, or access to events.

Best case idea: Movistar Rewards gifts customers free data, tickets, merchandise and other prizes.

Idea 2: Send customized promotions and content recommendations based on individual usage and interests.

Best case idea: Vodafone RED Together lets households bundle and customize multiple plans.

Idea 3: Provide VIP customer service through dedicated service agents for high-value subscribers.

Best case idea: AT&T offers specialized Premier customer support service for top tier customers.

h) Price Policies

Idea 1: Offer flexible, no-contract monthly plans that allow customers to change options each month.

Best case idea: Google Fi's pay-as-you-go monthly phone plans with no contracts.

Idea 2: Provide discounted family plans that allow data and minutes to be shared across devices.

Best case idea: T-Mobile's discounted plans for families and multiple lines.

Idea 3: Introduce tiered pricing that charges less for off-peak data usage encouraging better network efficiency.

Best case idea: Vodafone's Time-Based Pricing lowers costs for off-peak data usage.

i) Brand Partnerships

Idea 1: Partner with a popular music streaming app to offer customers free subscriptions.

Best case idea: T-Mobile includes Apple Music subscriptions with Magenta phone plans.

Idea 2: Collaborate with a leading smartphone brand to launch co-branded devices and service plans.

Best case idea: AT&T and Apple partnership on network-optimized iPhone models and plans.

Idea 3: Ally with gaming companies to provide players free in-game bonuses, skins, currency, etc.

Best case idea: NTT Docomo offered Monster Hunter players bonuses like armor packs and in-game currency.


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