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Upgrade your Pharma brand with Benchmark ideas.


Our World is speeding up and due to our global networks, everyone can know everything all the time, if you make an effort to keep up with what your competitors are inventing and launching 24/7/365.

That's one of the main reasons the average life expectancy of e.g. Fortune 500 companies shrunk from 75 to under 15 years.

Complacency is not an option anymore if you want to stay successful.


Benchmark the best ideas from around the world and apply them to the various touchpoints of the customer journey for the Pharma, Chemical and Medical industry.

Engineered prompt to copy & paste into your LLM

Act like the world’s best CEO, CTO and CCO.

1. Analyse my PDFs to understand what the current creative marketing benchmarks are.

2. Select the 3 best ideas for each touchpoint you find.

3. Apply all 3 to each of the following Customer touchpoints for the Pharma, Chemical or Medical industry:

a) Product

b) Innovation c) Branding

d) Sales Promotion e) Social Media f) Pharmacies or other POS g) Websites h) Digital Services i) CRM j) Price Policies k) Brand Partnerships

l) Trade fairs

4. List your ideas similar to the above Customer touchpoint list.

5. Format every idea like this:

<<letter and name of Customer touchpoint, e.g. „a) Products“>>

<<idea number in this category, e.g. „Idea 1“>>

<<idea in one sentence>>

<<best case idea you found with the brand name in one sentence>>


  1. Adjust my prompt example by feeding it your own benchmark data, e.g. PDFs from Cannes Lions, Most Contagious Annuals, Dentsu Creative Trends, Webby Awards, Julian Cole, BBH Labs, Wunderman Thompson's 100 Creative Trends, etc.

  2. Contact me for a tailor-fit prompt that creates the best AI & LLM results.

Claude V2 output (best & only LLM that could handle input)

Here are some possible ideas for each of the customer touchpoints:

a) Products

Idea 1: Develop a line of eco-friendly packaging for pharmaceutical products.

Best case idea: Johnson & Johnson's Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiative.

Idea 2: Create a product line for personalized medicine based on genetic testing.

Best case idea: Roche's Personalized Medicine Products.

Idea 3: Develop a new drug delivery system that reduces the need for injections.

Best case idea: Novo Nordisk's Non-injectable Diabetes Medication.

b) Innovation

Idea 1: Introduce a telemedicine platform for remote consultations with doctors.

Best case idea: Teladoc Health's Telemedicine Services.

Idea 2: Develop an AI-powered drug discovery platform to accelerate the development of new drugs.

Best case idea: BenevolentAI's AI Drug Discovery Platform.

Idea 3: Implement blockchain technology for secure and transparent supply chain management.

Best case idea: Chronicled's Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management Solution.

c) Branding

Idea 1: Create a brand identity that emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainability.

Best case idea: Patagonia's Sustainable Branding.

Idea 2: Develop a branding strategy that appeals to younger generations through social media and influencer marketing.

Best case idea: Glossier's Millennial-focused Branding.

Idea 3: Implement a cause-related marketing campaign to support a charitable organization.

Best case idea: TOMS' One for One Campaign.

d) Sales Promotion

Idea 1: Offer discounts or rebates to patients who purchase multiple products or refill prescriptions.

Best case idea: CVS Health's ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards Program.

Idea 2: Provide free samples of new products to healthcare professionals for trial and evaluation.

Best case idea: Pfizer's Medical Sample Program.

Idea 3: Offer a loyalty program for patients that rewards them for repeat purchases or referrals.

Best case idea: Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program.

e) Social Media

Idea 1: Use social media to educate patients and healthcare professionals about the benefits of new products or treatments.

Best case idea: Pfizer's Get Old Campaign.

Idea 2: Leverage social media influencers or celebrities to promote the brand and its products.

Best case idea: Allergan's BOTOX Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Idea 3: Develop a social media campaign to raise awareness and funds for a charitable cause.

Best case idea: Johnson & Johnson's Donate a Photo Campaign.

f) Pharmacies or other POS

Idea 1: Implement an in-store digital signage system to promote products and provide information to patients.

Best case idea: Walgreens' Digital Signage Network.

Idea 2: Offer a mobile app that allows patients to refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and access health information.

Best case idea: CVS Health's Mobile App.

Idea 3: Create an in-store experience that provides personalized consultations and recommendations to patients.

Best case idea: Sephora's Beauty Insider Program.

g) Websites

Idea 1: Develop a website that provides comprehensive information on the company's products, services, and research.

Best case idea: Pfizer's Corporate Website.

Idea 2: Create an online community for patients and healthcare professionals to share information and support.

Best case idea: PatientsLikeMe's Online Patient Community.

Idea 3: Implement a chatbot or virtual assistant to provide quick and easy access to information and support.

Best case idea: Babylon Health's AI-powered Chatbot.

h) Digital Services

Idea 1: Offer remote consultations with healthcare professionals through a telemedicine platform.

Best case idea: Teladoc Health's Virtual Care Services.

Idea 2: Provide personalized health coaching and support through a mobile app or online platform.

Best case idea: Noom's Personalized Health Coaching App.

Idea 3: Develop a digital therapeutics platform that delivers evidence-based treatments for chronic conditions.

Best case idea: Omada Health's Digital Therapeutics Platform.

i) CRM

Idea 1: Implement a customer relationship management system to track patient interactions and feedback.

Best case idea: Salesforce Health Cloud.

Idea 2: Use data analytics to identify patient needs and preferences and tailor communications and services accordingly.

Best case idea: ZS Associates' Pharma Customer Experience Analytics.

Idea 3: Provide personalized follow-up and support to patients after treatment or hospitalization.

Best case idea: Kaiser Permanente's Post-Discharge Follow-up Program.

j) Price Policies

Idea 1: Implement a value-based pricing strategy that takes into account the clinical and economic benefits of new products.

Best case idea: Novartis' Value-based Pricing Approach.

Idea 2: Offer patient assistance programs or discounts for low-income or uninsured patients.

Best case idea: Merck's Patient Assistance Programs.

Idea 3: Develop a pricing strategy that balances affordability with profitability and sustainability.

Best case idea: GSK's Sustainable Pricing Strategy.

k) Brand Partnerships

Idea 1: Partner with a celebrity or influencer to promote the brand and its products.

Best case idea: Sanofi's Partnership with Actress Viola Davis.

Idea 2: Collaborate with a non-profit organization to support a charitable cause.

Best case idea: Pfizer's Partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Idea 3: Form a strategic alliance with a technology or healthcare company to develop new products or services.

Best case idea: Novartis' Partnership with Microsoft.

l) Trade fairs

Idea 1: Participate in industry trade shows and conferences to showcase new products and technologies.

Best case idea: Roche's Presence at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference.

Idea 2: Host a booth or exhibit that provides interactive demonstrations and educational materials for attendees.

Best case idea: Abbott's Interactive Booth at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Conference.

Idea 3: Organize a panel or speaker session that showcases the company's thought leadership and expertise.

Best case idea: Johnson & Johnson's Panel Discussion at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference.


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