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Upgrade your Aviation brand with Benchmark ideas.


Our World is speeding up and due to our global networks, everyone can know everything all the time, if you make an effort to keep up with what your competitors are inventing and launching 24/7/365.

That's one of the main reasons the average life expectancy of e.g. Fortune 500 companies shrunk from 75 to under 15 years.

Complacency is not an option anymore if you want to stay successful.


Benchmark the best ideas from around the world and apply them to the various touchpoints of the customer journey for the aviation/airline industry.

Engineered prompt to copy & paste into your LLM

Act like the world’s best CEO, CTO and CCO.

1. Analyse all PDFs to understand what the current marketing benchmarks are.

2. Select which are the 3 best ideas you find for each of the following Customer touchpoints:

a) Products b) Advertising c) Social Media d) Dealerships e) Websites f) Digital Services g) CRM h) Price Policies i) Brand Partnerships

3. Applied each of those 3 ideas for each touchpoint to the airline industry and its touchpoints.

4. List your ideas similar to the above Customer touchpoint list.

5. Format every idea like this:

<<letter and name of Customer touchpoint, e.g. „a) Products“>>

<<idea number in this category, e.g. „Idea 1“>>

<<idea in one sentence>>

<<best case idea you found with the brand name in one sentence>>


  1. Adjust my prompt example by feeding it your own benchmark data, e.g. PDFs from Cannes Lions, Most Contagious Annuals, Dentsu Creative Trends, Webby Awards, Julian Cole, BBH Labs, Wunderman Thompson's 100 Creative Trends, etc.

  2. Contact me for a tailor-fit prompt that creates the best AI & LLM results.

Claude V2 output (best & only LLM that could handle input)

Here are my top 3 marketing ideas for each customer touchpoint in the airline industry:

a) Products

Idea 1: Offer customizable in-flight meal kits that allow passengers to choose their entrees, sides, and desserts in advance.

The Webby Awards found that Oda customized climate impact receipts based on shoppers' purchases.

Idea 2: Provide noise-cancelling headphones to economy passengers for free.

Making the Cut livestreamed fashion shows that doubled sales revenue.

Idea 3: Install adjustable headrests and footrests for all seats.

Petco livestreamed a dog fashion show that attracted 1 million views.

b) Advertising

Idea 1: Promote loyalty programs in ads that offer access to exclusive airport lounges and priority services.

The Uncensored Library in Minecraft reached 20 million gamers globally.

Idea 2: Partner with relevant gaming platforms for in-game promotions and events.

Gucci's Roblox activation resulted in 4.5 million digital items being won.

Idea 3: Sponsor an immersive VR experience that allows viewers to virtually travel anywhere in the world.

Over 50% of gamers play video games weekly.

c) Social Media

Idea 1: Host regular Q&As and AMAs with pilots on Instagram.

TheSkimm's LinkedIn campaign inspired 600 companies to share parental leave policies.

Idea 2: Share behind-the-scenes footage of flight operations and maintenance.

Tinder found daters want partners invested in social issues.

Idea 3: Curate user-generated travel photos and videos into monthly highlight reels.

Sosikjwa videos of people eating tiny portions are trending.

d) Dealerships

Idea 1: Offer at-home ticket delivery and bag drop-off service through flight attendants.

Home try-ons via AR technology can improve the shopping experience.

Idea 2: Set up virtual reality simulations of aircraft cabins at airport kiosks.

VR realism is approaching real life through haptic suits and scent masks.

Idea 3: Provide self-service kiosks to print boarding passes and bag tags.

Digital fashion like DressX is influencing physical fashion.

e) Websites

Idea 1: Allow customers to book multi-airline itineraries through the website.

OpenNext shares details on in-development products for open source collaboration.

Idea 2: Offer 3D virtual tours of different cabin classes.

Urban planning enthusiasts share city concepts on Twitter using AI imagery.

Idea 3: Provide carbon offset options during ticket checkout.

Oda added climate impact details to grocery receipts.

f) Digital Services

Idea 1: Launch an airline metaverse experience on Roblox.

Balenciaga outfitted Fortnite characters in virtual designer clothing.

Idea 2: Develop a digital concierge app that gives flight updates and destination recommendations.

Voice AI like Alexa can talk in a deceased loved one's voice.

Idea 3: Enable in-flight purchases through digital wallets and QR codes.

Digital fashion platform DressX has nearly 300 digital-only brands.

g) CRM

Idea 1: Establish customer advisory boards to provide feedback on new initiatives.

Try Your Best rewards brand advocates with NFTs and coins.

Idea 2: Send post-flight surveys to get reviews of the airport, crew, and in-flight experience.

Mujer Financiera provides financial literacy to women in LATAM on social media.

Idea 3: Offer mileage subscription plans that guarantee flyer status and perks.

Cake organizes users' end-of-life wishes into one digital platform.

h) Price Policies

Idea 1: Provide fare discounts to customers who purchase carbon offsets.

Moyobamba, Peru funds conservation through a water tariff tax.

Idea 2: Offer loyalty members exclusive access to reduced last-minute fares.

Klarna saw increased sales for retro tech like flip phones and vinyl.

Idea 3: Bundle flight, hotel, and rental car deals for bundled savings.

The Gaming Profile leverages Fortnite data for credit assessments.

i) Brand Partnerships

Idea 1: Align with eco-conscious brands to offer in-flight upcycled products.

YSL Beauty partnered with Re:wild to fund global conservation projects.

Idea 2: Collaborate with local restaurants to curate in-flight dining options.

Circadian hacking resets people's sleep schedules.

Idea 3: Work with subscription services for free in-flight entertainment trials.

Crunchbase lists over 270 active privacy startups.


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