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30 new, innovative, and future-proof Jobs for 10 different industries.

The German newspaper FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) wrote an article about Generative AI and how German executives estimate it to be used in 3-5 years.

Link to the original German article:

Link to auto-translated version into English:

This chart visualizes in which areas and for what use cases Generative AI will most probably be incorporated – as estimated by 672 German executives in companies with more than 50 million in revenue.

This inspired me to this Prompt

Act like a world-class creative innovator, business expert, and leading expert in IT, AI, WWW, IoT, product innovation, Data Science, market research, and global economics.

You understand, learn from, and emulate the strategies used by successful geniuses like Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Sam Altman, Demis Hassabis, Marc Andreessen, Kevin Scott, Jensen Huang, Mustafa Suleyman, and other innovators to help create new, useful, and future-proof jobs and industries.

Read all documents to understand the state of our world, business, and benchmark how creative problem-solving works.

Invent 3 new jobs for 10 industries of your choosing.

Make each newly invented job within each industry increasingly creative, out-of-the-box, and imaginative.

Add to each job 1 sentence without superfluous wordings that explain your rationale why this job makes sense.

The Output Claude V2 created

Here are 3 creative new jobs I invented for 10 different industries:

Manufacturing Industry

1. Augmented Reality Process Integrator - Integrates augmented reality into manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, quality control and training. This job allows workers to visualize assembly instructions and virtually simulate processes before implementation.

2. AI Supply Chain Coordinator - Uses AI and predictive analytics to anticipate supply chain disruptions and optimize logistics in real-time. This role leverages technology to enhance resilience and continuity.

3. Sustainable Manufacturing Architect - Designs and implements solutions to minimize environmental impact of manufacturing operations. This role spearheads green initiatives to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Healthcare Industry

1. Genomic Medicine Specialist - Analyzes patient genomic data to provide personalized care plans and predict disease risks. This emerging field combines computer science and healthcare.

2. VR Patient Engagement Facilitator - Uses virtual reality simulations to educate patients about procedures, conditions, and treatment options. This enhances understanding and outcomes.

3. AI-Assisted Surgeon - Works alongside AI systems during surgical procedures to augment precision, speed and accuracy. The combination of human expertise and AI enhances patient safety.

Education Industry

1. Adaptive Learning Curriculum Designer - Develops customized educational content using machine learning algorithms that adapt to individual students' needs and pace. Personalization improves engagement.

2. VR Classroom Builder - Designs collaborative virtual learning environments with simulated field trips, laboratories and interactive lessons. This expands access and experiences.

3. AI Teaching Assistant - An AI system that provides supplementary instruction, answers student questions, and gives feedback on assignments. It augments human teachers.

Retail Industry

1. Personal Shopper Bot Designer - Creates conversational bots to provide personalized product recommendations and tailored shopping guidance to each customer. This merges AI and retail.

2. AR Interior Decorator - Helps customers visualize furniture arrangements and decor through augmented reality. This makes design decisions easier.

3. Supply Chain Forecasting Analyst - Uses predictive analytics to anticipate consumer demand and optimize inventory and logistics. This reduces waste and improves profitability.

Hospitality Industry

1. Autonomous Restaurant Server - Robots capable of navigating facilities, serving food and clearing tables without human assistance. This expands service capacity.

2. AR Tourism Experience Creator - Designs augmented reality experiences for tourists to enrich visits to cultural sites and landmarks. This enhances immersion and engagement.

3. AI Concierge - An artificial intelligence system that provides personalized recommendations on activities, dining and entertainment options for hotel guests. It acts as a virtual guide.

Transportation Industry

1. eVTOL Network Planner - Plans transportation infrastructure and logistics for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. This emerging technology will transform urban mobility.

2. Autonomous Fleet Technician - Maintains and services fleets of autonomous semi-trucks, cars, drones or robots. They ensure continual and safe operations.

3. Space Traffic Controller - Manages launch schedules, orbits and flight patterns for rockets and satellites. This prevents collisions as space commercialization grows.

Construction Industry

1. AI Construction Safety Inspector - Uses computer vision, drones and sensors to monitor job sites and flag unsafe conditions in real-time. This prevents injuries.

2. Digital Twin Builder - Creates virtual replicas of buildings and cities using simulations, IoT sensor data and AR. This enables advanced modeling and analytics.

3. Eco-Friendly Material Scientist - Researches, develops and integrates sustainable construction materials to reduce environmental impact. This role drives innovation.

Financial Services Industry

1. Crypto Asset Strategist - Analyzes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to inform investment decisions. This supports growth in decentralized finance.

2. AI Fraud Investigator - Uses machine learning to detect fraudulent transactions, claims and accounts. This enhances security and prevents losses.

3. Personalized Banking Concierge - An AI assistant that provides customized financial guidance and product recommendations tailored to each client's needs. It enhances service.

Media & Entertainment Industry

1. Audience Sentiment Analyst - Leverages natural language processing, sentiment analysis and big data to understand target audience interests and perceptions. This drives content strategy.

2. Virtual Influencer Manager - Manages computer-generated virtual influencers and their social media presence. This expands branding opportunities.

3. Dynamic Media Platform Architect - Designs next-generation media platforms using AI, AR, VR and real-time data to create immersive and personalized experiences. This is the future of entertainment.

Agriculture Industry

1. Indoor Urban Farming Engineer - Designs and implements technologies like robotics, hydroponics, aeroponics, LED lights and automation for efficient city-based food production. This transforms agriculture.

2. Plant Genomics Researcher - Analyzes plant DNA to identify genes related to crop yields, disease resistance, drought tolerance and nutritional content. This enables selective breeding and gene editing.

3. Agricultural Drone Operator - Uses drones with multispectral sensors and computer vision to monitor crop health, soil conditions and livestock. This provides data to enhance sustainability.


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