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6 Quick AI Wins, Countless Benefits

I combine 20+ years of international Marketing expertise, 30+ years of IT experience, and am part of a world-class Creative AI Collective with select experts in AI, IT, Creative Direction, Business Strategy, Results-driven Copywriting, On- and Offline Design.


We offer leading-edge AI workshops, enhanced growth strategies, and unique creative solutions for all seeking a competitive edge in the digital age.

Future-Proof Your Team with AI Upskilling 

Empower your employees with the latest AI skills through our workshops. We make AI accessible for any organisation – from beginner overviews to advanced training.

Our "1-hour AI Kickstart Workshop" starts at € 950,- for a presentation in Berlin or via video call. We offer to create longer and additional specialised workshops with tailor-fit AI content, prompts, use cases, GPTs and more. Whatever you need and want.

Give your team a competitive edge by building their capabilities. They'll learn to utilise the benefits of text-based and visual AIs, e.g. ChatGPT, DALL-E, and more leading-edge technologies. Invest in your talent today for the workplaces of tomorrow.

Supercharge Your Brand with AI Tonality Check

Profit from synergies by safeguarding your brand identity. We ensure your company's coherent communication shines across every touchpoint and market. Our AI tonality analysis provides data-backed guidance. This enables you to optimise your brand voice, tone, and translations.

Click for example that analyses and optimises Amazon tonality.

We on-top fine-tune German & English copy with decades of international, award-winning expertise. Our actionable suggestions will strengthen your messaging and impact. Let us as Creative Directors with AI enhance your global brand experience, customer success, and ROI.


Brainstorm & Improve Ideas with AI Avatars

Invite your target audiences into your marketing and R&D departments – as personalised AI avatars. We'll bring your target group to life as artificial sparring partners who know over 400 of the newest and best international marketing campaigns & cases. 


This enables you to test concepts and catch issues before going live. Easily prevent shitstorms and maximise the appeal of your products, ads, and designs pre-launch.


Start prototyping with virtual users to optimise your marketing ROI, UX, and innovation success like never before.

Demystify Your Options & QuickStart your Upgrades with our AInalysis

Unlock all transformative capabilities of your business with our AI analysis. We offer a multi-disciplinary team of experts to screen your company's AI readiness. They create an objective and detailed evaluation of your various paths for AI adoption and point out the pros and cons.

So you'll understand where you stand – in record time. We tailor all our actionable insights to your strategic goals. This empowers you to use AI in the safest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way across all departments. QuickStart your upgrade today to enjoy enhanced AI features tomorrow.


Upgrade Your Company with a Job AIssistant who Knows All & Never Sleeps

Say hello to your new AI colleague. Imagine an up to 100% safe, internal ChatGPT-like work tool. It enables employees to access select company know-how with AI-enhanced features. 


You can choose to install one or more Large-Language Models. Pick and mix from external providers like OpenAI to locally installed LLMs. We then transform and connect your data with a vector database. The Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG) system we use is 100% open-source, configurable, and licensing-free.


Simple installations start at 1 work day, require 2 of our experts, and go from € 10k excl. VAT upwards. Depending on your preferred setup, you can reduce costs like licensing fees down to 0, which make up most of the follow-up costs with big tech providers.

Once set up, you'll be able to rapidly build customised AI solutions. You'll enjoy the leanest infrastructure and fastest processing - without unnecessary bells & whistles. Our flexible open-source configuration unlocks a new world of applications.


Profit from analytics, document creation, web agents & autonomous robots. Bring AI in-house – your way & today.

Find new Insights & better Ways to Success with Data Science & AI

Stop uncertainty and speed-up success. We empower you to harness AI, ML, SQL, Python, and more for business growth and sustainability.

Our marketing professionals and data scientists offer you each up to 20+ years and thousands of campaigns experience – from startups to global corporations with up to € 120 million client budgets.


This combined expertise enables us to find new, valuable insights in your databases and create actionable and creative recommendations.

Let's discuss how our data science skills future-proof your company, unlock new growth potential, and maximise your ROI.


Evolve your Organisation with tailor-fit AI Services

Every company is unique. That's why we analyse your specific needs to find the best, most effective, and beneficial AI solutions for you, your team, pain-points, and business goals.  


Here are a few ideas where we and AI can help you:

  • Faster & Better Creative Campaigns

  • Guide Strategy with Trend Prediction

  • Improve New Business Pitches

  • Upscale & Accelerate Creative Output

  • Decide how to Best use Limited Budgets

  • Optimise Marketing Analytics & Find new Insights

  • Create Innovations from Global Benchmarks

  • Optimize Marketing Mix & Budget

  • Identify new Market Demand and Product Opportunities

  • Update seasoned Brand Positioning

  • Evaluate potential Partners & Sponsorships

  • Localise Global Brand Messaging

  • Calculate ROI on new Investments

  • Prepare Crisis PR ahead of Time

  • Stay up-to-date with AI & Ahead of your Competition

  • Prevent Shitstorms with Empathy Check

  • Improve your Market Attribution Model & Campaign ROI

  • Safeguard your Brand DNA globally

Data Analysis of Real-Estate Market


Find top home options from 21,000 Seattle listings.



I used Data Science to analyse real-estate database and create a 26-page report in 2 days.



I filtered out dangerous hoods with additional crime data, reduced shortlist to 10 homes, highlighted top 3 options with visuals, coded an interactive HTML map and used AI to create a 1-minute "A day in your Seattle life" video to showcase the city.


I'll get back to you ASAP!

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